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free santa letter Create your own personalized letter from Santa. You can print on your own paper. You can learn how to add a North Pole postmark after you fill out the form for making your letter.

Two ( 2 ) letters with graphics to chose from. Great for children and adults of all ages.

Plus you have the choice to purchase more choices. Make your childs Christmas magical this year with a free personalized letter from santa clause. Puts a smile on every childs face and it's FREE.

From Here you can add your childs name to the Santa's helper list below. Their name will appear in order by amount donated. This is to help us keep this site running for years to come. This will ensure that you and everyone else will have a place every year to Create smiles on a childs Face. Just click on a elf to add your child.

Santas Top Ten Helpers
Wish List
 Robert Brown:
I want a fishing pole and tacklebox
$ 5
 Makayla Kile:
I would like a Camera For Christmas
$ 2
 Kristen Kile:
I would like some art supplies
$ 2
 Mike Stanley:
I want a pair of jordan sandles
$ 1
 Ruban Garcia:
Santa i want a Wii and games
$ 1
 Sammy Hauser:
Santa would you bring me a Barbie
$ 1
 Julie Hamilton:
wants a new bike
$ 1

Once added to the list their name will stay there year after year.Their place depends on the amount donated.

Ten Top Wish List Items
Wished for 385 times
Wished for 271 times
Wished for 270 times
 psp games
Wished for 173 times
 WII Games
Wished for 172 times
 Fort House
Wished for 147 times
Wished for 137 times
Wished for 133 times
 fishing pole
Wished for 127 times
Wished for 113 times

Free printable Christmas songs

free santa letter Get your family together and be joyest while singing christmas songs. Free printable christmas songs to enjoy. Would like to thank all that come to freesantaclausletters.com to print out letters for their children. Putting smiles on childrens faces is what this site is all about. You can help spread the word about this site, by putting our link on your sites back to us.