Ho Ho Ho from the North Pole. I am writing to you today with very special news!

I have been watching you very closely and you have been very good all year - so kind to everyone, and such a good helper to .

Do you know what all your loveliness and hard work has gotten you? Why, you have made it to the very top of my Nice List this year, with a gold star beside your name! You should have seen Rudolph's nose light up when he heard the news!

So, not only have the Elves been busy wrapping presents and polishing the sleigh bells, but they have also been working especially hard getting the perfect present ready for me to leave under your tree . I think you will be very pleased!

Well, Rudolph and Dasher are peeping in the window at me! I think they are waiting for a little snack, so I had best go find them some carrots.