#fname, I've got some bad news, kiddo. You are quite firmly on the naughty list this year. I've checked it twice, and there's your name #fname, #lname.

Now, I know that you're a great #age year old #sex, but I've been getting a lot of reports of naughty behavior from your teachers, parents and siblings. I think you could easily get on the nice list with some helpful behavior and acts of kindness, so now is the time to start!

You could try doing some chores around your house in #address #town for your parents, or being nice to your brothers or sisters. In fact, you could send me a letter of all the nice things you've done recently! Tell me about listening to your parents and sharing at school. Tell your best friend #bfriend to write me as well. Remember, I always know when you're telling the truth, so try hard to be extra good before Christmas.

Kids on the naughty list still get gifts, but they're mostly things like underwear and socks, and I know you wanted a #wishlist this year. Good luck!

#nick make sure you go to bed early on Christmas eve.

Love, #sansig