Merry Christmas! And what a special Christmas it is #fname your very first one. This Christmas is sure to be extra-special for your family because you #nick their sweet baby #sex are here to share it with them.

Your mommy and daddy must be so excited for your first Christmas. In fact, I remember your parents wishing for a sweet little baby not too long ago. And now here you are-the best gift anyone could ask for!

I love to bring presents to little children, and that includes babies! I just load my sleigh up with stuffed animals, toys and games and the reindeer and I take to the skies.

While I was delivering presents to your house in #town on Christmas Eve, I decided to peek into your room and make sure the reindeer didn't wake you up when my sleigh landed on your roof. (Their hooves can get a little noisy.) What a magical sight you were#fname , sleeping so soundly. You're such a sweet baby #sex!

I hope you have a wonderful first Christmas. Enjoy your family, who loves you so much. Also, have fun opening your presents. Did you know it's OK to tear the wrapping paper?

Don't forget your #relationship #makersname told me they love you very much and wanted you to have a very special Christmas.

Love, #sansig