Guess what? You are on the very top of my Nice List this year! You have been a wonderful GIRL/BOY - so kind to everyone, and such a good helper to RELATHIONSIP. I am so proud of you!

Now I know that you have been a little worried lately because you won't be with your RELATHIONSIP for Christmas. Santa knows how hard it is when your family isn't all together in the same place, especially during the holidays. But please don't worry about it for another minute.

NAME, I have a special surprise just for you! Santa is going to stop by to check on your RELATHIONSIP on Christmas Eve! I'll peek in and make sure all is well, and I'll even sprinkle some magic Elf dust all around! Then your RELATHIONSIP will have sweet Christmas dreams of you, and a big smile on her face and in her heart when Christmas morning comes! Your RELATHIONSIP won't feel sad or lonely, and her smiling heart will stay until you see each other again!

Now relax, be good and have fun!


Santa Claus